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Gifts and Giveaways

All of the end products you see in our website can be ordered in bulk to serve as gifts and giveaways. Massage Oils, Linen Sprays, Ache Balms, Anti Mosquito Products, Hand Sanitizers, Shower Gels and Liquid Soaps can be ordered wholesale and you can customize each detail to your liking. Customization includes your choice of the product's scent, the container's color, size and the label design to truly make it your own. 

We also create customized Gift Sets according to your budget. To get a copy of our catalogue, please send us an email in our Contact page.

Below are photos of some of our previous creations for weddings, baptisms, birthdays and other special events. 

Cesca Litton Guest Giveaways

Baptism Giveaways