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Soy Wax Flakes GB 464 (USA)

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All natural soy-based wax for containers. Holds more fragrance with better throw and has reduced frosting. A favorite of candlemakers everywhere. 

Imported from and produced in USA. 

GB 464 gives a smooth and creamy finished appearance and throws fragrance very well. It is our supplier's bestselling type of wax due to its consistency in finished products - reduced frosting with excellent scent throw. 

Melting Point: 115°-120°F

Fragrance oil load - 8% to 12%

Recommended Pour Temperature is 155°-160°F

Recommended Curing Time: 2 weeks



  1. Heat wax up to 185°F
  2. Remove from heat and let cool to 175°F
  3. Pour in fragrance oil. Stir VERY GENTLY to avoid eventual air bubbles caused by stirring too quick and letting air in.
  4. Pour into containers at 160°F
  5. Let cure for 2 weeks before testing your candle. 


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