The number one choice of soap and candle artisans for quality raw materials, aromatherapy supplies, packaging, and more!


A love for all things fragrant and beautifully handmade was what prompted Bel Mojica, founder of Islas Aromatics, to learn how to make soap back in 1999, and eventually start a home-based business creating custom designed soaps. Bel discovered the craft through a DIY kit purchased abroad by her mom Aida, who encouraged her daughter to explore creating things with her hands and hopefully unlock new skills. Bel learned the basics quickly and relished how making soaps inspired her to endlessly imagine, experiment, innovate, and push her creativity to new heights. The newfound passion also gave her a deeper understanding on the importance of using quality raw materials, soap crafting techniques, and the basics of doing business as a young entrepreneur.

Kickstarting her newfound hobby was no easy feat as Bel realized early on that the local market lacked easy access to high-quality raw materials for crafters like her. The internet was fairly new back then (Yellow Pages and Yahoo! being the equivalent of today's Google) so her mom had to help source ingredients by making numerous calls and visits to local importers and manufacturers. Most suppliers however had hefty minimum orders and only a handful accommodated budding entrepreneurs who required small quantities. Bel turned their sourcing predicament into an opportunity, dreaming of one day being able to aid other makers by creating a one-stop shop for quality raw materials and packaging.

In 2008, Islas Aromatics was officially born as Bel set up a physical store and website retailing a small collection of essential and fragrance oils, along with aromatic massage oils, soaps, and room sprays beautifully packaged as giveaways. By 2011, Islas˖ roster of products grew to include a wider selection of oils, raw materials, and packaging. The Islas website, which previously had static pages displaying basic product information and a pricelist, was also revamped to be e-commerce ready, offering Manila its first online superstore for all things aromatherapy and more. Products were made easily accessible online, available for makers all over the Philippines to procure.


Backed by the belief that in order to create great products, one needs excellent ingredients, Bel set out to source only the best raw materials for her customers. Part of her research and testing process involves purchasing the same products from different local and foreign sources to compare quality, consistency, and stability. She shares, "I continue to invest in buying the same raw materials from different companies to see how they fare when used as an ingredient to make products, just as how my customers would use them. This enables our team to sift out low quality ingredients so we can offer the absolute best to our customers." 


The goal of Islas Aromatics is to offer excellent, tried and tested products so makers can focus on bringing their ideas and passion projects to life, allowing them to concentrate on creating and doing what they love.

"I remember feeling frustrated and discouraged when I first tried candle making. The materials I bought turned out to be low quality, resulting in ugly candle surfaces and poor scent throw. I honestly felt my hard-earned money was wasted and had a notion that the craft was too difficult and not worth my time. I wish for others to avoid this same experience by doing the trial and error for them. Learning should be fun, exciting and empowering. Working with good raw materials is of utmost importance so the journey of exploring a craft continues to ignite your imagination and zest for creativity, and in the process give you a sense of pride and fulfillment."

Through the years, Islas Aromatics has grown to become the go-to store for hobbyists and businesses. Bel's desire to share her love for crafting is also advocated by supporting seasoned soap artisan Mia Lauchengco of So True Naturals, whose workshop series has been a huge success especially during the community quarantine. Islas provides raw materials in the learning kits of So True Naturals, so aspiring crafters can experience using their products while being guided by an accomplished mentor, which Bel believes is the best way to learn something new.

Islas Aromatics roster of products include:

  • Essential Oils

  • Fragrance Oils

  • Waxes & Butters

  • Carrier Oils

  • Dried Botanicals

  • Clays, Charcoals, Oxides & Micas

  • Soapmaking Raw Materials & Molds

  • Candle Making Tools & Supplies

  • Reed Diffuser Supplies

  • Packaging Supplies



Just like the premium products on its roster, Islas Aromatics also offers top-notch and reliable service from a small but efficient team who have been with the company since 2012. Bel admits, "Like any company, we go through growing pains, which we take as an opportunity to learn something new everyday. I constantly encourage my team to be positive, reminding them that in all situations, good or bad, there is a lesson we can use to improve ourselves and the company. We take to heart all feedback on products and service so we can review our procedures and adjust our practices, as we strive to execute seamless operations and gain customer trust and satisfaction."

One of the standout services Islas Aromatics is proud of is helping customers buy the correct raw materials at the right quantities for their projects, often having to discourage clients from hoarding. They also provide basic recipes and technical know-how, especially to first-timers who need more guidance. On the horizon is a web-based resource center complete with videos and articles to help entrepreneurs with product development and business matters, specifically focusing on how to take their hobby to the next level.

"I believe that the most beautiful and worthwhile products are born from inspiration and creativity, then handcrafted with love. I also believe that to create great products, you have to start with the best ingredients." - Bel Mojica, Founder of Islas Aromatics