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Essential Oils, Dilutions & Absolutes

Our essential oils are pure, therapeutic grade and undiluted. Majority of Essential Oils are imported from various sources, while others are locally sourced in the Philippines to help fellow Filipino farmers and local oil producers. 

Essential Oils have been used since the ancient times, back when people only resorted to natural surroundings as a source to create remedies against common and severe illnesses. Today, Essential Oils play a key role in a multitude of industries, including that of Health & Beauty, Medicine and other industries involved in creating products and services related to overall wellbeing.

Essential Oils are extracted from their natural source through different methods. The most common extraction methods are:

  • Steam Distillation
  • Solvent Extraction
  • CO2 Extraction
  • Maceration
  • Cold Press Extraction
  • Water Distillation


Definition of Oil Types

Natural Blends (NB)

Natural Blend EOs are mixtures of oils from a variety of natural sources. They are all natural and do not contain synthetic or artificial components.  Natural Blends are created to come up with a more economical product that resembles the aroma of its pure version. This alternative is very much beneficial especially if end product cost needs to be kept within a reasonable budget. 

 3% Dilutions

The 3% Dilutions in our collection is a mixture of Golden Jojoba Carrier Oil and pure Essential Oils. Dilutions are economical alternatives for when the pure EO is too expensive and the user requires only a small amount of essential oil to use.  

Nature Identical (NI)

Nature Identical Oils are blends of Essential Oils and a variety of aromatic compounds, some of which can be synthetic in nature. However comparing to Fragrance Oils which are 100% synthetic, Nature Identical Oils have fewer synthetic compounds while maintaining superior aroma. Nature Identical Oils are ideal for scenting products like lotions, soaps, candles, and other related products, at a fraction of the cost compared to its pure Essential Oil version. 

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