Essential Oils, Dilutions & Absolutes

All of our essential oils are pure, therapeutic grade and undiluted. Almost all are imported from the United States (our imported oils are Kosher & Vegan Certified), while the rest are locally sourced in the Philippines in order to help fellow Filipino farmers and oil producers. 

Essential Oils have been used since the ancient times, back when people only resorted to their natural surroundings as a source for remedies against common and severe illnesses. Today, Essential Oils play a key role in a multitude of industries, including that of Health & Beauty, Medicine and other industries involved in creating products and services related to our overall wellbeing.

Essential Oils are extraction from their natural source through different methods. Most commonly practiced are:

  • Steam Distillation
  • Solvent Extraction
  • CO2 Extraction
  • Maceration
  • Cold Press Extraction
  • Water Distillation


 3% Dilutions

The 3% Dilutions that we carry is a mixture of Golden Jojoba Carrier Oil and pure Essential Oils. Dilutions are economical alternatives for when the pure EO is too expensive and the user requires only a small amount of essential oil for use. 

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