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Fragrance Flash Points & Soap Performance Guide

Fragrance Flash Points & Soap Performance Guide

A guide to flash points, vanillin content and performance of fragrance oils when used in cold processed soaps.
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Best FOs for Candles

Best FOs for Candles

"Which fragrance oils will work best on candles?"

We get this question pretty often so here's a roundup of our recommended fragrances based on customer feedback and our judgement of their scent throw when used in making soy wax candles. 

  • Peach FO
  • Fresh Bamboo FO
  • Baby Powder FO
  • Green Tea & Cucumber FO
  • Cranberry Pear Bellini FO
  • Grape Sunflower FO
  • Oatmeal Milk & Honey FO
  • White Tea & Ginger FO
  • Papaya Mango FO
  • Peach Grapefruit & Thyme FO
  • White Jasmine & Mint FO
  • Cucumber Melon FO
  • Orange Satsuma FO
  • Japanese Cherry Blossom FO
  • Beach FO
  • Pink Berry Mimosa FO
  • Lime Basil Mandarin FO

Have you tried other Islas Aromatics FOs on candles and found them to be worth recommending? Leave a comment below so we can add it to our list! 

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