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One of My New Favorite Scents .
Like its Berry Candy Like Ambiance



Frankincense (India) EO

Sodium Hydroxide Flakes (LYE)

Vanille FO
Good for candles

smells good in my soy candles:)

Lime, basil and Mandarin

Fresh smelling citrusy fragrance

Salty Mariner

Smells great and works well with cold process soap

Best purchase ever!

The cocoa butter smells heavenly! And really great on my skin. I will definitely go back for another round of purchase soon!

Midnight jasmine FO

A great floral scent that works well with cold process soaps

Peach FO

Super love this FO. I use it for my wax tablets and they're amazing.

Optimum CT & HT!

Right size

At first I thought it was too small. (The whisk I use in the kitchen is much larger.) But I found that it's just the right size for the funnel pitcher. 😊

Conveniently shaped spout

I actually have three of these already, but I needed a fourth one for when I am making soap with four colors. I love the long and thin spout--makes for better control and easy pouring. I'm now on the lookout for a larger one. 😊

Love it

It's stable and easy to use. The soap slid off smoothly.

Epsom Salts

i love it

Used on my cp soap and the colors turned out fantastic!

Wow what a beauty! This is so inspiring, thank you for sharing!

It is okay. Not outstanding.

Has a strong floral scent that is not overpowered. I really like this product a lot because of its calming scent.

Peach FO

If you're looking for a sweet, fragrant, and fruity scent then this FO is for you. I would highly recommend this to anyone.

My first time using this FO and I immediately liked it.

If you're looking for a citrusy scent then this is worth the try. Would recommend to use this refreshing scent.

Sweet and fresh like Melon

I love how the scent lingers in my kithchen everytime I make CP soap. No acceleration too so allows you time to work in the swirls.

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