Activated Bamboo Charcoal

  • Activated Charcoal is a common raw material used in cosmetics for soaps, shampoos and other skin products.
  • It is created by heating regular charcoal with a certain gas to create pores. These pores help trap chemicals when the product is used, resulting to an ability to absorb & draw out oil from the skin.
  • This ingredient is best for products targeted to people with OILY skin. 

Appearance & Odor:

  • Fine, black powder
  • Odorless


  • Activated Charcoal is NOT water soluble
  • Cold Process Soapmaking
    • Add up to 1 teaspoon per half kilo of soap
    • For a lighter (gray) shade, add to oils before adding the lye + water mixture
    • To create darker soap, add the charcoal during trace. 
    • You can dissolve the charcoal first in a light oil OR you can also add it directly to your soap batter at light trace. 
  • Melt & Pour Soapmaking 
    • Dissolve charcoal first into alcohol (1 teaspoon charcoal to 1 tablespoon 99% Isoprophyl Alcohol)
    • Add the dissolved charcoal into melted soap and then mix thoroughly 

Shelf Life & Storage:

  • To maintain freshness and extend the life of this product, store in a dry place away from moisture. 
  • Keep container tightly sealed at all times. 
  • May have a shelf life of up to 5 years if stored properly. 


  • This product is for external use only.
  • Activated Charcoal should NOT be ingested. 

Country of Origin: Philippines


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