Lye-Water Active Solution


This product is a premixed solution, with options for a ratio of 1:1.5 or 1:2.

This is for soap makers who use any of the above ratios in their recipes. 

This product is for Metro Manila customers only who will pickup or have their order picked up by express delivery service (Grab / Lalamove / Mr. Speedy).

Lye-Water Ratios

  • 1:1.5 ratio means we put 1 part lye for every 1.5 parts water. For example, 1 kilo lye is mixed with 1.5 kilos water
  • The 1:1.5 ratio has less water content compared to the 1:2 ratio. Mixing only 1.5 times water to lye helps soap batter go to trace quicker. This is especially useful if you are mixing by hand and are using soft oils. 
  • 1:2 ratio means for every 1 part lye, we put twice as much water. For example, 1 kilo lye is mixed with 2 kilos water. 
  • The 1:2 ratio has twice as much water compared to lye content. This solution is useful if you need time with designing soaps, or are working with a fragrance oil known to accelerate  trace. 


  • Check your soap recipe to see required values for lye and water. 
  • Add your lye and water quantities, and the total of this is how much Lye-Water Solution you need. 
  • Mix in your Lye-Water Solution to your oils as you would normally do while crafting. 

Storage & Shelf Life

  • This is a made-to-order product to ensure freshness.
  • Keep bottle sealed at all times to prevent evaporation and contamination. 
  • Store in a cool, dry area away from direct sunlight. 
  • Do NOT store alongside food ingredients and other edible products.
  • Use within 6 months of purchase. 

This is an active solution. KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN

Unsure how much you need? 

  • Go to your favorite lye calculator website to determine how much you need. We recommend The Sage if you want a simple calculator, and Lye Calc if you need a more detailed breakdown. 
  • Enter weight of your carrier oils and other additives (butters, waxes, etc if using any)
  • Click Calculate Lye
  • Choose the percentage level of superfat you want for your recipe, and take note of the corresponding amount of lye it requires. 
  • Decide if you wish to use a 1:1.5 or 1:2 ratio of lye-water. If you need time to design your soaps, go for the 1:2 ratio. If you want your soaps to trace quicker, opt for the 1:1.5 ratio.
  • If you opt for 1:2 ratio, multiply lye weight by 2 and add this back to lye weight. This is the amount of Lye-Water Solution you need. 
  • Example: Your recipe requires 50g of lye
 Lye Weight + (Lye Weight x 2) = Lye Water Solution
50g + (50g x 2) = 50g + 100g = 150g
  • If you opt for 1:1.5 ratio, multiply lye weight by 1.5 then add this back to lye weight.
  • Example: Your recipe requires 50g lye and you prefer a 1:15 lye water ratio
 Lye Weight + (Lye Weight x 1.5) = Lye Water Solution
50g + (50g x 1.5) = 50g + 75g = 125g


Sample Recipe w/ Calculation for Lye Water Solution

1) Preferred Ratio of 1:2

Recipe: VCO + Olive Oil + 6% SuperFat + 1:2 Lye-Water Ratio

500g Olive Oil

500g Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO)

150g Lye at 6% Superfat ---> lye value from

300g Water

   150g lye + (150g x 2) = 150g + 300g = 450g Lye Water Solution


2) Preferred Ratio of 1:1.5

Recipe: VCO + Olive Oil + 6% SuperFat + 1:1.5 Lye-Water Ratio

500g Olive Oil

500g Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO)

150g Lye at 6% SuperFat ---> lye value from

225g Water

       150g lye + (150g x 1.5) = 150g + 225g = 325g Lye Water Solution


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