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Baby Powder (Phthalate Free) FO

Baby Powder (Phthalate Free) FO


Phthalate Free, premium fragrance oil imported from the United States. The aroma brings to mind a freshly bathed baby, with an airy, indulgent scent and powdery finish.

This can be safely used in the following applications:

  • Lotions
  • Shampoos
  • Liquid Soap
  • Creams & Balms
  • Hot & Cold Process Soap
  • Candle Making
  • Home Scenting
  • Home Cleaning Products

Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Keep bottle sealed at all times. For best results, consume or mix into finished product within 6 months of purchasing. 

This product is NOT EDIBLE. For external use only. Please do not ingest. Keep out of reach of children.  

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