Mia Lauchengco of So True Naturals

Hello August! We're kicking off this month with the launch of our Mindful Makers series! We hope to feature amazing crafters that inspire creativity, mindfulness, and entrepreneurship in others. This month, we're focusing on a familiar face that we've loved collaborating with-- Soaperstarmama and So True Naturals founder Mia Rocha Lauchengo.

A passion for family, business, and creativity. Mia exemplifies the dream of creators and mompreneurs: to strike that healthy balance between love for family and a passion for creativity and business. For Mia, this means being a mom to her two kids while also being hands-on with her passion project, So True Naturals. What started as a DIY home project in 2008 and business venture in 2011 has now become known for its handcrafted Castile soaps, natural home scents, and online workshops. Mia usually graces the pages of lifestyle publications, but today she takes time to share her story with us.

How did you get started making products?

I was desperate for a mild baby wash for my daughter, who was still a baby at the time (this was around 2008). I tried many brands, imported and local, and nothing would work. Then I found out that Castile soap, or soap made purely from olive oil, is called the 'newborn soap' because it's mild enough for newborn skin. I couldn't find any soap that was made with pure olive oil; there was always a mix of other oils, so I decided to make it myself!

About a couple of years later, I realized that if I was desperate enough to learn how to make it, I was certain other moms were looking for the same thing. But, unlike me, they didn't have the time to make them. That's when So True Naturals was born.


Why do you create and how has creating and making products affected your life?

It started as something that addressed the needs of my family and the realization that others would have these needs as well. This is why I started So True Naturals. Creating a business out of the products I made has opened up many opportunities to make lifelong friends, earn extra income, and try new business ventures. It's been a wonderful experience for me being in retail. I felt that if others could have a similar journey, I would help them out by teaching what I know. That's how So True Workshops was born.

 What inspires you to create? Where do you usually find inspiration?

Knowing that you can do something to fulfill a need is inspiring. Knowing that you have access to premium raw materials and knowing how to use them is inspiring. Inspiration can be found anywhere if you know where and how to look.


What do you love and enjoy most about creating?

It's wonderful to know that people love and appreciate the things I make and do, but knowing that I'm part of empowering them to start a business or start making their own bath and body products is what I love the most about it. Seeing them take what they learn from us and just run away with it and go crazy with it is the best thing.


What creative tips can you share with fellow makers or someone who is just starting?

Know that some people will fall in love with it on the first try, and some people will fail miserably. Keep at it, and you can only get better at it. Never stop learning! I teach people how to make things, but learning is a never-ending process. Many of these lessons I learn from my students!


Who is a fellow maker or brand you admire and get inspiration from, and what do you love about their work?

I really admire Mad et Len and Le Labo for their branding, packaging, and product line.


What are your top five favourite raw materials from Islas?

Essential oils, fragrance oils, clays, additives, carrier oils.

I've been an Islas customer from the start! When I was looking for a workshop partner to supply our materials, I knew I had to pick a shop where the quality of materials was A-1. I trust the quality of Islas' products 100%.


What business advice and tips can you share? 

The road to success is never a straight line. Enjoy the journey, its twists and turns, and know that when you feel like everything is an uphill climb, it only means you're getting somewhere.


For more creative inspiration, follow Mia and So True Naturals on Instagram, @heymiarocha or @sotruenaturals.



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