This month, we share with you the inspiring story of natural bath & body products crafter Dinah Maningat of The Mustard Seed Home.

Dinah caught herself from drowning in hopelessness and anxiety during the pandemic's onset in 2020. 

Read all about Dinah's empowering journey, as she shares with us how her mind-over-matter attitude enabled her to focus on nurturing her mind, and in the process, take care of her wellbeing while dealing with the pandemic's stresses.

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Dinah Maningat of The Mustard Seed Home

Dinah is one strong woman with a passion for learning.

Homemaker, business owner and mother of two children, Dinah has always been eager to take on new crafts and hobbies that would stimulate her mind and challenge her creativity. 

Dinah shares, "I have always considered myself as a crafter and like learning new things.

In the last 15 years, I've learned different sorts of arts & crafts like scrapbooking, calligraphy, journaling, and painting.

I knew it was a natural progression for me to take on something new sooner or later, and being quarantined in 2020 was an opportunity to do so."

Handling the Pandemic's Woes

"I believe everyone has been affected by the pandemic, in different ways and varying levels.

In my case, there were growing family health concerns, with hopelessness and anxiety starting to take over.

I knew that focusing on my anxiety would not benefit me or my loved ones. To avert this, I thought of opportunities and positive ideas on how I can make better use of my time.

I wanted to venture into everyday essential products with more natural ingredients. I started learning balms and room/ linen sprays, and then discovered soapmaking through a couple of friends.

I enrolled in virtual classes on creating basic soaps, along with shampoo & conditioner bars. 

Within the confines of our home, I was able to channel my worries, stimulate my creativity, and transform the negativity brought about by the pandemic, into a productive endeavor. It was a conscious effort to keep my mind and hands busy.

Praise be to God, 22 months into this pandemic, I am well and my family are all well."

Mindful Maker Dinah Maningat Islas Aromatics The Mustard Seed Home


Love for Soapmaking

"I really love making cold processed soaps. My favorite creations are Tea Tree, Calendula & Oats, Charcoal, and Classic Oatmeal.  

All of these bath bars help soothe and nourish my family's skin. My husband uses the Charcoal Soap, while my kids, ages 9 and 14, use Classic Oatmeal.

Mindful Maker Dinah Maningat Islas Aromatics The Mustard Seed Home

Although the science behind soap making fascinates me, I find the creative process to be a genuine delight... from the time I conceptualize what to make, plan ingredients to use, actually creating, up to when I cut my soaps.

I like combining ingredients, blending essential oils, using colorants, as well as discovering what works and what doesn't."

Quality Soaps Guaranteed

"I am not aware of how commercial soaps are made, but in my experience, they can be drying and irritating to the skin.

When I make soap, I personally choose and make sure the raw materials (base oils, additives, essential oils) I buy are of excellent quality and not harmful to the skin. After all, me and my family are end-users of the finished products.

Knowing what ingredients went into my products empower me to guarantee its quality, so I can confidently share them with others."

Enjoying "Me Time" in Crafting

"When I am creating, my husband and kids know and give me space to let me have my own time.  

Soapmaking relaxes me. It's my much deserved "me time".  


Mindful Maker Dinah Maningat Islas Aromatics The Mustard Seed Home

Why It's All Worthwhile

"When my clients send me messages of appreciation, I feel very grateful and fulfilled.

Knowing they took time to pick up their gadgets and send me encouraging messages makes all my research & development, and hard work in crafting soaps really worthwhile."

Dinah's Key Learnings in the Creative Process 

"Learn the basics first. As a beginner, I was super excited and wanted to dive into the more advanced techniques and designs right away, since all the information I wanted was easily accessible online. I immediately followed numerous tutorials.


Unfortunately, my first few attempts at doing complicated designs were frustrating and discouraging.


I then paused, took a step back, and reorganized my creative process.

I referred to the basics again and stayed there for a little bit. I have moved on since, taking things slowly one step at a time.

To this day, I still have a lot of designs and formulation goals, but I am no longer rushing.

I go by what St. Augustine once said, patience is the companion of wisdom."   

Where Soapmaking Fits In

"Even though I enjoy soapmaking so much, I have another business (which is not related to crafting) that I’m managing and can’t make this full-time as of the moment. Also since my children are still young, they need more of my time and attention.


However, I'm looking forward to eventually making soaps full-time in the future, and maybe even go into teaching the craft."


Dinah's Advice to Newbies

"Go for it! Sign up for a class and learn the basics. 

I know there are a lot of tutorials and references on YouTube, and most of them are good resources, but honestly, it makes a difference when you're in a real-time class (even if it's a virtual class) where you can interact with the teacher, meet other makers, and ask questions as you go along."

Thank you for sharing your story with us, Dinah! 

Dinah Maningat has been an Islas Aromatics customer since she began crafting in 2020. Her shopping supplies include essential oils, fragrance oils, carrier oils, and french clays. 

Dinah shares"I like the quick delivery, wide selection of products, product quality, excellent customer service, and ease of ordering. Islas Aromatics products are of excellent quality."

We hope Dinah's insights, learnings and creative journey has inspired you!

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